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Our mills combine 21st Century
technology with centuries-old
milling skills to produce flours of
unrivalled quality and consistency.

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As well as home grown wheat, our three milling centres in Cumbria, Essex and Fife use specialist varieties imported from mainland Europe, Canada and the US.

At Silloth and Kirkcaldy, grain is shipped directly to dockside plants for processing.

All three mills combine 21st Century technology – such as computerised flour blending and particle size control – with centuries-old milling skills to produce flours of the very highest quality and consistency.

Together they provide UK-wide coverage for our customers. And because each has its own dedicated operational and sales team, they offer locally-based, expert service with a personal touch.

Milling home grown wheat
Milling at Carrs Flour Mills


Carr’s Flour Mills, is committed to innovation and investment, proof of this commitment is the decision in 2012 to build a new mill at Kirkcaldy, on Scotland’s east coast.

The town has a long history of flour production dating back to the mid-19th Century when Robert Hutchison developed a grain processing plant which would eventually occupy a great swathe of the port area of East Kirkcaldy.

Our brand new complex, opened on the site in 2013, maintains the great tradition of milling in Kirkcaldy while incorporating the very latest technological advances in wheat cleaning, blending, atmosphere control, food safety, and on-line quality control.

Flour from locally-grown wheat is still regarded as the key ingredient in Scottish shortbread and biscuits, while the mill’s port location enables the import of top quality grain from around the world to supply the country’s diverse bakery trade.

Technically advanced milling at Carrs Flour Mills